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CENRS – Terms and conditions of use of the digital library

Posted: Notices,  Advertisements,   : 2021-08-14 08:43:48 pm
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Access to this digital library is restricted to members of the Center for Earth and Natural Sciences (CENRS) and is bound to conditions of use. Access is restricted to work stations registered in the IP-domain of the CENRS, by means of authentication as staff member or via a registered guest login.

The user has to adhere to the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. Use of the digital library resources, datafiles and media is allowed only within the academic context of research, education and study
  2. Commercial use of the digital resources is prohibited. The user is not permitted to use the digital resources for an organisation or company outside the CENRS to which he/she is associated
  3. It is prohibited to systematically download, distribute, print or store substantial parts of licensed materials
  4. Publishing licensed materials through Internet or electronic networks is not permitted
  5. Violations detected by the CENRS Library will be reported to the CENRS administration. The violator of the terms and conditions faces possible legal or financial consequences