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About The Center for Earth and Natural Resource Sciences (CENRS)

The Center for Earth and Natural Resource Sciences (CENRS) is a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary research center engaged in fundamental and applied research on the environment, understand earth processes and the natural hazards, resource science, as well as, innovative technologies and instruments for the control and remediation of water, soil, air and solid waste pollution.

CENRS was established o18th June, 2018 and it is located in Kigali City, Rwanda.

CENRS conducts frequent exchanges and maintains close cooperation with many high-level research institutes in the Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, UK and USA.

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Humans evolved to run on less water than our closest primate relatives

Human body uses 30% to 50% less water per day than our closest animal cousins

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A new way to “see” color

Caenorhabditis elegans roundworms can discriminate between colors despite the fact that they lack eyes and opsins

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Ultrasonic cleaning of salad could reduce instances of food poisoning and bacteria

Gentle streams of water carrying sound and microscopic air bubbles can clean bacteria from salad leaves

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Missing matter found in our own galaxy

A team of astronomers says it has found evidence for some of this missing regular (or “baryonic”) matter

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Falling sperm counts ‘threaten human survival’, expert warns

Shanna Swan says low counts and changes to sexual development could endanger human species

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China’s new Mars probe (Tianwen-1) took its first photo of the red planet as the mission prepares to make history

The Tianwen-1 took the black-and-white picture at a distance of 2.2 million km from Mars, according to the Chinese space agency

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Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Malawi, South Sudan, and Niger, are among the world’s top 10 nations to be the worst affected by climate change

Climate change disrupts productivity in key economic sectors including agriculture, roads, dams, and other infrastructure in Africa

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Scientists deal with myths over large-scale tree planting

Scientists have proposed 10 golden rules for tree-planting, which they declare must be a top priority for all nations this decade

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Kernowite: New green mineral discovered in United Kingdom

Kernowite is a new mineral that has been found only in an old specimen collected at a single location in ...

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Electric eels hunt in packs, shocking prey and scientists

The behavior, used by wolves and orcas to run down fast prey, is rarely seen in fish

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New satellites are capable of seeing through the walls of some buildings

Capella Space allows anyone to request an image of anything in the world!

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China’s ‘Sky Eye’ to open to global scientific community from April 1, 2021

“Sky Eye” will accept observation applications from scientists around the world starting from April 1, 2021

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Whoops, humans made a space barrier surrounding the entire earth

People planning spaceflight through areas affected by the Van Allen Belts must develop radiation shielding to protect crew as well ...

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Akarere ka Nyamasheke, Intara y’Uburengerazuba bw’u Rwanda, gatakaza ubutaka bwera buri hejuru ya toni 15 kuri hegitari buri mwaka

Imirenge ya Kanjongo, Cyato, Rangiro, Macuba na Karambi yibasirwa n’isuri y'ubutaka ku gipimo kiri hejuru

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Kuva mu Isunzu rya Kongo‒Nili kugera mu ruhererekane rw’utununga: Imyaka 2500 y’imihindagurikire y’ibidukikije byo mu majyepfo y’u Rwanda

Ibikorwa bya muntu bibangamiye ibidukikije ku Isunzu rya Kongo‒Nili n’uruhererekane rw’Utununga two hagati

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China’s Chang’E‒4 lunar rover found nearly 12 meters of dust on the far side of the moon

The first rover ever to visit the far side of the moon has revealed a layer of lunar dust up ...

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Mrs. Katherine Johnson‒Human calculator who helped put men on the moon

Mrs. Katherine Johnson, a pioneering black mathematician who helped NASA launch men to the moon, died on 24th February, 2020 at 101 ...

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African turquoise killifish (Nothobranchius furzeri) may hold the secrets of longevity

African turquoise killifish embryos enter suspended animation to survive, and these discoveries could help to combat aging and age-related diseases ...

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Locusts swarming through East Africa are the result of extreme weather swings

Billions of locusts swarming through East Africa are the result of extreme weather swings and could prove catastrophic for a ...

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Did pangolins spread the COVID-19 coronavirus to people?

Now, the South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou, China says that two of its researchers, Shen Yongyi and Xiao Lihua, ...

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Lightning and thunder: A danger in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lightning and thunder as A danger in Sub-Saharan Africa

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